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Important Passover Information for 5783 / 2023

Schedule of Services for Passover

All services and prayerbooks will be available on our Livestream page unless otherwise noted

Wednesday, April 5th
8 am - Minyan and Siyum Bechorim (Fast of the First Born) together with TBEMC -Join in Person at TBEMC or on Zoom
10:52 am - Last time for eating Hametz
11:56 am - Last time for burning Hametz
7:08 pm - Holiday Candle lighting

Thursday, April 6th
9:30 am - Yom Tov Services followed by light kiddush lunch
8:08 pm - 2nd Night Candle Lighting

Friday, April 7th
9:30 am- Yom Tov Services 
11:30 am - Make-your-own-Matza Pizza Bar
7:10 pm - Shabbat Candle lighting
7:30 PM - Friday Evening Shabbat Services in person or on Livestream followed by Oneg Shabbat

Saturday, April 8th
9:30 am - Shabbat Services followed by light kiddush lunch
8:11 pm - Havdalah

Sunday, April 9th
9:00 am - Chol Ha Moed Morning Minyan in person or on Zoom 

Tuesday, April 11th
7:14 pm- Holiday Candle lighting

Wendesday, April 12th
9:30 am -  Yom Tov Services followed by light kiddush lunch
8:15 pm -  Holiday Candle Lighting

Thursday, April 13th
9:30 am - Yom Tov Services with Yizkor followed by light kiddush lunch
8:24 pm - Havdallah & Passover Ends

Seders - Wednesday & Thursday evenings, April 5th & 6th

CBI will not be hosting a community Seder this year. After so many years of only gathering with immediate family for Seder, we encourage you to join together with friends and extended family. 

We read at the Seder each year, “let all who are hungry come and eat.” It is a tremendous Mitzvah to make sure that everyone is able to attend a Seder.

Please contact the CBI office via email ( or phone (908-889-1830) to let us know if you have any extra seats at your own Seder tables or if you are looking for a Seder to attend. We are happy to help make arrangements so that everyone who wants can attend a Seder.


Helpful Resources

Sale of Hametz

It's customary to "sell" your Hametz before the holiday begins. To have Rabbi Tilman sell yours, be sure to fill out this form by Wednesday, April 5th.

Special Highlights and Activities for Kids and Families


Family Seder Supplement


Kosher for Passover?

Guidelines on what food needs to be Kosher for Passover and what is always acceptable, as well as instructions for cleaning your kitchen from the Rabbinical Assembly Passover Guide.

Digital Haggadah

Here are a few different versions of the Haggadah all available online or for downloading and printing.

The Feast of Freedom - Rabbinical Assembly

A Different Night - The Family Participation Haggadah

A Night to Remember - The Haggadah of Contemporary Voices - An online resource to create your own Passover Haggadah

Passover Music

Passover Parodies

Passover Song

Special Resources for Families and Kids

Wed, April 17 2024 9 Nisan 5784