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Teen Education and Involvement

There are many ways for teens to continue their learning and Jewish experiences beyond their Religious School education.  We routinely invite teens to read their Haftorah on the anniversaries of their B'nei Mitzvah and to participate in holiday rituals such as reading Megillah on Purim or helping build the Sukkah each fall.  Our goal is to keep our teenagers engaged and active in Jewish life.  

Classroom learning takes a different shape as our students enter their teen years, and as cohorts of varying sizes work their way through our High School program, we will tailor each year's classes and curricula to suit.  

Darcone, for 8th - 12th graders, focuses on different topics by grade:

8th graders explore the Jewish American Experience and includes trips to Ellis Island/the Statue of Liberty, the Tenement Museum and Manhattan's Lower East Side, as well as the Celebrate Israel parade in New York City. 

9th graders examine the relationship between our Jewish and American values, particularly in areas of civic engagement and Tikkun Olam projects.  The students work in groups to develop their vision and an action plan to do good in this world.  

10th graders study the development of the modern State of Israel and the relationship between Israeli and American Jewry, on campus and in the political sphere.  

11th and 12th graders ask the big questions about God, the world, and our relationship and responsibilities to both of them.

The program meets monthly on Wednesdays 6:30-8pm and Sundays 5-7pm, and includes dinner.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the Darcone program will meet on the following dates:

  • Wednesday, 9/18 - We will start with a learning session in the sanctuary for parents and teens to clarify curriculum and expectations 6:30-6:45pm
  • Sunday, 10/13 - Participate in a sukkot -themed program before lighting candles and fulfilling the mitzvah of a festive meal in the CBI Sukkah
  • Wednesday, 10/23
  • Sunday, 11/10 - Day-long trip to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty for 8th graders
  • Wednesday, 11/20
  • Wednesday, 12/11
  • Sunday, 12/15
  • Sunday 1/12/20
  • Wednesday, 1/29
  • Sunday, 2/9 - Day long trip to the Tenement Museum and the Lower East Side for 8th and 9th graders
  • Wednesday, 2/26
  • Wednesday, 3/11
  • Sunday, 3/22
  • Wednesday, 4/1
  • Sunday, 4/19 - Our CBI Yom HaShoah program; parents are invited
  • Wednesday, 4/29
  • Wednesday 5/13

CBI also has active Kadima and USY chapters

Many of our teens choose to return to the Religious School as Madrichim, or classroom aides.  In doing so, they earn money and valuable work experience, as well as the satisfaction of giving back to the CBI community.  To apply to be a Madrich, fill out the application here.

For more information on all of these programs, contact Aviva Tilles at

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