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High Holidays 5781/2020  


You can tap or click and scroll to the right to see everything we have planned below.  Continue to check back throughout the next month for additional information on events.

Activities & Events




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Activities & Events

8/25 - High Holiday Book Club

To prepare for the High Holidays this year, join Rabbi Tilman for a CBI Book Club. Together, we’ll read through “This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared,” by Rabbi Alan Lew. Six sessions beginning 8/25 and ending 9/29. You can learn more and register here.

Deadline 9/2 - Yizkor Memorial Booklet

Our annual Yizkor book will be distributed with our High Holiday gift bags so that everyone will have a hard copy available to them. This year CBI is offering 3 different options as a way to share a special tribute to those we want to remember in our Annual Yizkor Booklet. You can learn more and register here. You must register by September 2nd to be included in the booklet.

9/3 - Virtual Bartending Round 2

Join CBI board member and amateur bartender Adam Margolis for round 2 of an evening of virtual cocktails, history and mixology live from his home bar in Scotch Plains on Thursday, September 3rd at 8pm. Not necessary to have attended round 1. Registration required. No cost to attend but "tipping" is appreciated.

Deadline 9/3 - Community Cookbook

As many of us will not be able to keep traditions in person with those who we spend the holidays with, we will be turning to those familiar sights, smells and tastes in order to create new traditions in our own homes. CBI Religious School is compiling recipes based around Apples and Honey as two of the universal traditional Rosh Hashanah foods. If you or a family member has a recipe you love with one of these ingredients as the star (and are willing to share that family secret) please click here to submit a written copy of your recipe by Thursday, September 3rd. Then please join CBI on Sunday, September 13th as we go apple picking and receive your complimentary copy. If you are unable to join us for apple picking but are interested in having a copy included in your CBI High Holiday Gift Bag please click here. No fee but suggested donation, proceeds to support CBI Religious School.

9/8-9/9 and 9/13-9/17 - Community Shofar Blowing

"Give heed to the sound of the Shofar, The sharp, piercing blasts of the Shofar”. Join members of the CBI and surrounding community in hearing the sounds of the shofar. CBI shofar blowers will blow shofar so that all can participate in the mitzvah of hearing the sound of the shofar, safely, outdoors. Schedule of date and times below. No registration necessary, all are welcome. Please wear a mask.

September 8 (6:30pm) @ Kessler residence (21 Allenby Lane Scotch Plains )
September 9 (6:30pm) @ Smith residence (201 Pleasant Ave Fanwood )
September 13 (6:00pm) CBI Parking Lot (note time difference)
September 14 (6:30pm) @ Rockman residence (17 Traveller Way Scotch Plains )
September 15 (6:30pm) @ Sohmer residence (10 Oxford Road Scotch Plains )
September 16 (6:30pm) @ Smelkinson residence (755 Knollwood Terrace Westfield )
September 17 (6:30pm) @ Loewenthal residence/Rabbi's house (1507 Ramapo Way Scotch Plains )

Religious School Grade Gatherings - September 8, 9, 10, 14, 16, 17 & 22

With religious school not starting until October 18th we are holding Grade Gatherings for all students in Kindergarten – 12th grade at their fellow grade member’s home. The gatherings will be a chance to see friends, spend time with a member of the CBI clergy/staff, personalize your religious school “backpack” and have a high holiday season learning experience. See the High Holiday Youth Programming page for the specific dates and times for each grade and to sign up to attend.

Deadline 9/10 - Order your Lulav and Etrog

Order your Lulav and Etrog set today!  The deadline to place your order is Thursday, September 10th. Shake the Lulav & Etrog on Sukkot wherever you are! Sets can be picked up at CBI for use at home or in Shul throughout the holiday. Place your order now!

Coffee with the Cantor - September 11

Join Cantor Axelrod for a special High Holiday Coffee with the Cantor session.  This is being held on Friday, September 11th at 10:30AM Register for this event

Sisterhood Virtual Dance Party - September 13

Join us center stage as we dance and celebrate a new Sisterhood year filled with fun and friendship. This is being held on Sunday, September 13th at 7:00PM Click for more info

9/13-9/17 - Mahzor & Gift Bag Distribution

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to CBI. Come drive up to CBI, say a socially distanced hello to CBI friends and family members and pick up a gift just for being you!. Included in the gift bags will be mahzors for you to use in your home to participate in online services or to bring with you to one of the in-person service observances. Religious School families will also be receiving items for your child to use to participate in our youth programming events. No registration necessary but please wear a mask.

Sunday 9/13 - 10am-1pm
Monday 9/14 - 10am-12pm; 7pm-8:30pm
Tuesday 9/15 - 10am-12pm; 7pm-8:30pm
Wednesday 9/16 - 10am-12pm
Thursday 9/17 - 10am-12pm; 7pm-8pm

9/13 - Family Apple Picking

Join the CBI community as we go apple picking at Hillview Farms on Sunday, September 13th beginning at 1pm. A great chance to see other CBI families while enjoying a fall experience and a chance to pick a staple that everyone needs for their Rosh Hashanah tables. The apples can also be used to make tasty creations out of the CBI Religious School Apple & Honey Cookbook which each family who attends will receive a complimentary copy. Admission is $5 per person paid directly to Hillview Farms and families are responsible for the apples you pick. Please click here to let us know you plan to join us.

9/20 and 9/23 - Meditation & Tashlich

Tashlich is a ritual to help prepare us spiritually for the new year. Please join us at 5:00PM on 9/20 or 5:30 on 9/23 in the CBI side parking lot for a unique Tashlich experience. In the gift bags you picked up with the Mahzors you will find stones. On the smaller stone(s) feel free to decorate and write a thought, note, sin that you wish to cast away. On the larger stone, decorate with a wish, hope, dream, prayer for the New Year. The larger rocks will be used to create an Inspirational Rock Garden behind CBI. No registration necessary, but please wear a mask and practice social distancing. Each session will also begin with a special guided meditation led by CBI's own Tovah Segelman Spring of Tovah Yoga, as a way of enhancing our spiritual preparation.

9/21-9/27 - Sanctuary Visits

A major theme of the High Holiday experience is standing before the "gates of heaven." To reflect this imagery, it is customary to open the ark during much of our liturgy, including the closing moments of the Neilah service. While we won't be able to stand before the ark during services this year, in order to help create that mindset and to provide a meaningful High Holiday experience, CBI will be providing members and families the opportunity to come into the sanctuary for a private moment of prayer and reflection. You will be able to stand before the open ark as we would during Neilah, to visit a memorial plaque, or simply offer your prayers in this familiar setting. Regardless of where you observe services, we are setting up times for you to safely come into the sanctuary during the week of September 21. Registration required.

9/24 - Building the Sukkah

Men's Club will be building the CBI sukkah at 6:30pm on Thursday, Sept. 24, as part of a fall tailgate kickoff. BBQ, music, street football, beverages, etc. All Men's Club members invited. No cost. Registration requested.

9/27 - Sukkah Decoration Drop-off

On Sukkot it is a custom to decorate a sukkah and to invite people in. We are looking for CBI families to supply the decorations for our community’s sukkah this year by inviting everyone into your family with a peak at how your family celebrates the holiday. We are asking each family to bring in a representation/picture of what sukkot means to them that will be hung in the CBI sukkah for people to see when they come to visit during the holiday. The item should not be greater than an 8x10 piece of paper and should have your family name somewhere visible on it. Please be aware that this should not be an item you expect to get back and we do reserve the right to laminate it as it will be in the outdoor elements for a week. No registration necessary but please wear a mask.

Drop-off times: September 27th 10am-12pm, September 29th & 30th 9am-5pm

10/5-10/8 - Family Sukkah Visits

The CBI Sukkah will be open throughout the holiday for families to come and visit. It will be an opportunity to see the decorations provided by members of the community, shake the lulav & etrog, and sit for a quick snack to help celebrate the holiday. Registration Required.

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Please note: To register, your membership must be in good standing. Please contact the office with any questions regarding your membership status - either email or call (908) 889-1830

9/12 - Community Selichot

What Judaism Teaches About Living in Challenging Times. Join together with other synagogues in Union County to learn with Rabbi Edythe Held Mencher, LCSW, co-author of Resilience of the Soul: Developing Emotional and Spiritual Resilience in Adolescents and Their Families. Discussion and Program will be followed by the Selichot service led by clergy of all participating synagogues.  This will be held Saturday, September 12 at 8:00PM. Please register online at the Temple Emanu-El website.

9/12 - Selichot Night Live

Looking for even more Selichot experiences? The Conservative Movement is proud to present "Selichot Night Live," an opportunity to learn, sing, and connect as a community. Over 60 rabbis and cantors will present, and a variety of Selichot services will be offered throughout the evening. We will usher in the High Holiday season focusing on:

  • Teshuva (Repentance: If I Am Not For Myself, Who Is For Me?)
  • Tefilah (Prayer: And If I Am Only For Myself, What Am I?)
  • Tzedakah (Righteous Acts: And If Not Now, When?)
  • Shema Koleinu (Hear our Voice, Accept our Prayer)

    This event will run from 8:30pm - 3am.  See the full schedule and register online at 

9/18 - Erev Rosh Hashanah

This service will be online only and is open to the community however registration is required.

9/19 - Rosh Hashanah Day 1

Services will begin at 9:30am on Saturday, September 19th. To register to attend the services either virtually or in person click here.

9/20- Rosh Hashanah Day 2

Services will begin at 9:30am on Sunday, September 20th. To register to attend the services virtually or in person click here.

9/27 - Kol Nidre

Kol Nidre services will be held on Sunday, September 27th at 6:30pm. There will be two options for services: virtual, livestreamed services and in-person services outside at the JCC (maximum capacity of 200 people). Members can choose to register for either option.  If you register in person you will also receive the virtual link.

9/28 - Yom Kippur

Services will begin at 9:30am on Monday, September 28th. To register to attend the services virtually or in person click here.

9/28 - Yizkor

The Yizkor Memorial service will be available virtually beginning at 1pm on Yom Kippur. You'll be able to participate in the service anytime afterwards.

Yizkor Stream


9/28 - Neilah

Mincha, Neilah and shofar blowing will be held on Monday, September 28th beginning at 5:30pm. There will be two options for services: virtual, livestreamed services and in-person services outside at the JCC (maximum capacity of 200 people). Members can choose to register for either option. If you register in person you will also receive the virtual link. Note that Neilah will be at 6:30pm and shofar blowing at 7:36pm.

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Youth Programming

Visit this page for all youth content for the high holidays.

Kol Nidre Appeal

Click here to read the Kol Nidre Appeal letter.

High Holiday stories from CBI celebrities

A great opportunity for children of all ages to get to have story time with some of their favorite CBI people who they may not have seen recently, while also getting a chance to hear some great Rosh Hashanah & Yom Kippur stories. Visit this page to watch the stories!

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