Aleinu Campaign

aleinu_announcement_logo CBI holds an important place in the hearts of our members.  Since its founding in 1957, generations of families have shared the full range of life cycle events here – mostly joyful, sometimes sad, but always meaningful.  The joyful events have been enriched and the sad events have been made easier to bear by sharing them with friends and family, and also with the wider CBI community…

For many of us, CBI is a welcoming second home.  As the years pass, CBI, like our own homes, needs to be maintained in good working order to ensure that we can accommodate the numerous activities that take place under our roof.

The 2015 Aleinu Campaign is intended to assure that our vitality and virbrancy, our traditions and innovations, our roots and blossoms will continue to be in place for generations to come.

Why a CBI Capital Campaign…


All worthwhile causes require resources in order to accomplish their goals.  CBI is no different.  We need to position ourselves financially for whatever realities the future may bring, including the need to:

  • Update and maintain our building’s infrastructure
  • Transition professional leadership
  • Address overall shifts in income or expense due to changes in membership levels or programmatic needs.

Like so many other synagogues, CBI determines its operating or expense budget by the amount of income we accrue through membership dues, the Kol Nidre Appeal and other fundraising activities.  Membership revenues are actually lower today than they were 10 years ago, reflecting both natural attrition and the impact of the prevailing economy.  But our capital costs to maintain our 50 year old building have, of late, been higher.  We recently had to take out a loan to meet capital costs.  We need to ensure our financial stability, while continuing to offer meaningful programs and to attract new members who will anchor the congregation in the years ahead.

Why Now?


Our goal is to operate debt-free.  We wish to repay the loan taken to meet emergency repairs and unanticipated expenses.  We also intend to rebuild our reserve fund to ensure our future financial security.

The 2015 Aleinu Campaign is intended to raise $800,000 so that we can meet those goals.  It will allow us to:

  • Pay back the loan taken to meet recent emergency roof repairs and heating/air conditioning needs
  • Complete the necessary upgrades to our heating and air conditioning systems that have reached their life expectancies
  • Restore the congregation’s reserve fund to the optimum level of 50% of the annual operating budget to meet unanticipated future needs

Call To Action…What Can You Do?


CBI is our house of worship.  It’s our sacred meeting place.  Over the years, we have been blessed with veteran clergy, an award-winning religious school and compelling educational activities.  Dedicated congregants have generously responded whenever asked to help meet the synagogue’s needs.

The 2015 Aleinu Campaign seeks to inspire participation from all our members.  We owe it to ourselves to ensure that the vibrancy and warmth of our Kehillah Kedoshah (holy community) remain secure and sustainable for generations that follow.

There is a role for all members in building our future.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate.