We are one of the first three congregations in North America to be designated as a Framework for Excellence School

The Blue Ribbon Citation is based on a rigorous assessment of having achieved requisite benchmarks.

As parents, we care to give our children the very best. We want them to grow healthy and strong. We want them to enjoy all the opportunities of life that we have enjoyed, if not more. We make important choices for our children, when they are very young, hoping to guide them on the right path in life. Sending your children to Religious School is one of those choices, and it is a very good one.

Yes, attending Religious School will become a big commitment of time and money. Yes, your child may complain, wishing he or she could be playing a sport or home watching TV or playing on the computer, instead of attending Religious School. But as Jewish parents, this is one of those decisions we have to help our children make.

I urge you to make Religious School attendance a priority for your child. Many activities will compete with attending Religious School. Please choose wisely among them, trying to avoid conflicts. Few of our children will become professional athletes, musicians, or dancers, but all of them will be Jewish for the rest of their lives. These precious years may be our only real chance to guide and encourage our children to become proud and learned Jews.

We often think that our children are “born Jewish,” but actually, Judaism is something we all have to earn and learn. No one becomes a Jew accidentally. It takes conscious effort and commitment. What is true of our children is also true for ourselves. The mitzvah of studying Torah never ends. Help your child realize the importance of his/her Religious School education by continuing your own Jewish education! Remember, our children don’t only learn by what we say to them, they learn by the examples we show them – sometimes even more!

Thank you for sending us your children! You have made a good choice!

Rabbi Nudell