Making Judaism Come Alive!

What is a Havurah?

The word havurah comes from the Hebrew word “haver”, which means friend. A havurah is a small group of families, couples or individuals who share common interests and a desire to gather together on a regular basis. Havurot (the plural of havurah) can enhance the synagogue experience by creating a close knit Jewish community within our larger Congregation Beth Israel family.

How Does a Havurah Work?

Havurot are formed, with the assistance of synagogue volunteers, the synagogue clergy and the Executive Director. Each havurah is comprised of 10-20 people who meet on a regular basis, usually monthly. Program locations vary, often meeting at a member’s home. The nature of meetings depends on the group’s collective interests and what applies to things going on in their current everyday lives. Depending on the interests of the group, some havurot can choose to devote themselves to study, Shabbat and holiday celebrations, or community service or social gatherings in their yearly calendars. Havurot often choose rotating coordinators to manage some duties such as calendar coordination and participation in a synagogue havurah committee. After a havurah is formed, the synagogue continues to offer support by lending program ideas and administrative support, however, each havurah guides its own calendar and direction.

How Can Becoming a Part of a Havurah Benefit You and Your Family?

  • Havurah membership offers a wide range of benefits for the entire family.
  • Forming close bonds with people who share similar interests and are at a similar stage in their lives
  • Exploring Judaism in a supportive environment.
  • Reinforcing Jewish and family values for you and your children.
  • Making Judaism come alive!

How To Get Involved...

To learn more about Havurot or to get involved with a havurah, or havurah planning at CBI, please call Davida Berkowitz, Executive Director, at the synagogue office at 908-889-1830 or email at Execdir@cbisp.org.